Life 2011 – Album Update

Here are a few more pages from my Life 2011 album.  I’m still trying to catch up and not getting very far.  Seems like during the summer I’d rather sit out back with a gin fizz and watch the lightening storms than be cooped up inside scrapbooking.  In the winter though it’s way too cold for that so I am positive I will catch up before the end of the year.  I’m still keeping notes and “stuff” from month to month so I won’t forget the little details.

This view shows how I’m using those baseball style page protectors.  I’m using 8.5 x 11 My Life & Story templates for the main pages of the album.  I also cut up the month dividers that came with project life kit and stick the month number in one of the pockets.  These pockets are great for ticket stubs, receipts, smaller photos, etc.  I like including cards too.  I just three-hole punch birthday cards, holiday cards, etc and add them right in the album.

This layout shows Ashleigh getting her first big girl bike.  She did so great until she got spooked by a dog!  Then she took a little digger and scraped up her cheek.

I can’t get enough of her drawings.  I love the one on the right.  I asked her what it was and she promptly told me “it’s the mouse house”.  Can you find the mouse?

I’ve got some new ideas in store for Life 2012.  For those of you using the 2011 set – do you have enough templates or could you use one more add on?  If you do want an add on are you looking for lots of little photos or room for bigger ones or more journaling or???  Please leave a comment and let me know what you could use.

25% off Sale on My Life & Story Templates

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My Life & Story Sale + a Look at My Album

Life 2011 is my chronological album full of random photos, journaling and bits and pieces of our life.  I absolutely *love* how this album is turning out.  My goal for this album to simply create a yearly album that really showcases our life – the good, the bad, the somewhat boring or regular days + all the fun in between.  I want to have a collection of these albums and be able to look back at them 10-15-20+ years from now and see what our life was like, what our weekends were like, where we were camping and how it all compares to the present day.  One of my favorite things to include in this album are little conversations overheard and other tidbits of information that I’m 100% sure would be lost were it not for this book.  Stuff like how for a couple months Ashleigh was calling Strawberry Shortcake “Strawberry and the Shake” LOL.  Now, just a few months later she’s already saying it correctly.

I ordered Project Life from Becky Higgens thinking I might like the hands-on paper scrapping but it just wasn’t for me.  I kept the monthly dividers though and am using them in my digital album.  I’m about two months behind on my pages but I’m certain I’ll get all caught up before the end of the year.

I’m using the 8.5 x 11 My Life & Story templates to create the bulk of my pages.  I’m not too picky about choosing the best photo or the perfectly captured shot and I don’t spend a lot of time editing the pictures.  I’m choosing photos that tell the story if not with added journaling just by capturing our life as it is right now.  Each month also gets an 8.5 x 11 baseball pocket style divided page protector.  I’m using this divider to add extra photos, conversations and stuff like ticket stubs, notes, etc.  I’m also using 8×8, 6×6 and 5×7 page protectors as needed if I have additional photos to add, or smaller items to share like programs and maps.  I like the hodge-podge look of the album coming together mostly digital with a bit of stuff too.

I’m using an 8.5 x 11 three ring style scrapbook album I found at our local Roberts Crafts.  It’s very sturdy.  I feel like I’m outgrowing it a bit though and I’m not quite sure what I will do at the end of the year.  I know I want to keep the entire year together so I might get a larger binder from an office supply store and figure out how to put a cover on it.

Here’s a section about our zoo trip we went on earlier this year.  I loved that sunkissed cropped photo of Ashleigh so I printed it as 6×6 and stuck it in the middle of the zoo layouts.

It was the perfect size for her colorful art project she brought home from daycare.  After I finished this month’s pages I totally forgot I didn’t add any pictures from Jay’s ice fishing trips.  So, I cropped a couple of those photos to 6×6 then added a bit of text and printed them off and inserted them here too.  (The 6×6 page protectors don’t exactly line up with the D-rings so I just line it up manually and use the D-ring to poke a new hole in the page protector).

I’m including lots of little drawings that Ashleigh makes.  I’ve noticed there’s considerably more of her art in the winter/colder months than the summer.  It’s so cool to look at her stick figure drawings from early in the year compared to now.  They are much more advanced with extra detail now.

I’ll be sharing more of my album over the next few weeks while I work on getting caught up.  While I do that I thought I’d put on a little sale in case you want to start your own album.

25% off Sale on My Life & Story Templates

All the templates in the My Life & Story template series will be on sale through the end of September for 25% off.  No coupon necessary!  Click here to see all the templates (each image is linked to the product in my store at oscraps).



2011 My Life & Story Add Ons (re-posted)

flashback – this concept and album was introduced on my old typepad blog in December 2010.  I am re-posting here to keep everyone in the loop on the basics of this album.

Just a quick recap of the available templates in the 2011 My Life & Story series.

12 x 12 Templates

8.5 x 11 Templates

My (2011) Life & Story Template Album (re-posted)

flashback – this concept and album was introduced on my old typepad blog in December 2010.  I am re-posting here to keep everyone in the loop on the basics of this album.

Ok, I will try not to ramble LOL but I am so-so-SO excited about this new template collection “My Life & Story“.  I’ve told you this before, but I’m a P365 dropout… I tried doing it all digital, even created a huge P365 template set that required very little effort to complete a layout each week.  I tried my own Project Life – a digital-hybrid version and that didn’t work for me either.

I don’t scrap in chronological order.  My scrapbook albums for the most part follow the Library of Memories system from Stacey Julian.  You can learn more about this system from her workshops or the Photo Freedom book (which I’m not sure is still in print)… However, I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE the idea of having a yearly album that captures the highlights of my family’s life.

I work 40 hours per week as a Sales Manager.  I have a three year old little girl who gets my undivided (for the most part) attention whenever we’re together.  I have a loving husband who understands my love of scrapbooking and has no problem keeping himself busy jamming w/ his buddies in his man-shed on the weekends while I stay up just as late scrapbooking.  I try to fit in a little bit of housework each day.  I’m a night owl.  I design and scrap late into the night because I love it.  I’m passionate about it.  I’m busy.  I don’t have a lot of free time and I’ll admit, my Monday thru Friday is very much the same from day to day.  (Does this sound familiar to anyone???)  That being said, the biggest obstacle with P365 for me, seems to be taking photos that mean something or taking photos that tell the story I want to share.  I mean, there is plenty I can share about- my family, our home, jobs, routine, etc. but I just wasn’t happy with the whole “a photo a day” concept and it wasn’t working for me.  The photo opportunities just weren’t there every single day (or even every other day).  On the other hand, our weekends are always jam packed with good family fun.  We camp all summer long, we go see live music, we go fishing, we take trips to the zoo, we have backyard bar-b-ques and play-play-PLAY!  I would much rather highlight these special family times together than the little bit of Mon-Fri that where we’re rushing here and there and doing much of the same day in and day out.

That being said I’ve created a new alternative to P365 a photo a day.  An alternative to Project Life, Project 52 and so on… I am pleased to introduce

My Life & Story

A simple, effective way to capture the highlights of your life each year.  Whether you want to capture the day by day, week by week or recap the monthly highlights, this album collection can work for you.  Available in both 12×12 and 8.5×11


My Life & Story: Album Essentials includes the following

(1) Title Page Template

(24) Chapter Page Templates (1 left and 1 right.  prelabeled for months 1-12)

(6) Filler Page Templates

Ribbon Font (which was used to create the monthly numbers + year on title page)

Album Design Ideas

My Life & Story: A Yearly Album
This is the approach I will take to share my family’s story this year and to capture the highlights of our life.  I intend to go back through previous years and “catch up” using this same concept.  I’m keeping the style of my book clean and simple.  I won’t be adding extra papers or embellishments, just photos + text for me.  I’m hoping this style will allow a little more time for me to edit and enhance my photos.  I love how this clean and simple page from my CT member iciclelady turned out.  It’s just breathtaking and all that storytelling!  This is how I envision my book (unfortunately mine will not include that adorable newborn baby sweetness).

Ok, so that’s the style I’m going for.  You might like this style or you might want to create an album full of digi-scrap goodness like papers, embellishments, word art, etc.  These templates will work great for that too.  Check out this monthly layout from my CT member jean.  I love the papers and elements used here.  One bonus about using papers is you can always fill in a photo spot with a paper if you’re short on photos.

Now that I’ve showed you a couple style options let me break it down by page layouts.

Title Page
I’m going to keep this page as a title page and will revise the actual title to say something like Life & Story {Weight Family 2010}.  This will serves as the first page of my yearly album.  I will create this title page at the end and fill the photo spots with some of the really great pictures from the year. Here’s a look at iciclelady’s title page.

Inner Pages
There are two monthly pages – a left side and a right side.  There are six filler pages.  These pages are designed to work together.

I plan to organize my book into 12 chapters, one for each month.  I’ll start each chapter with one of the monthly pages (a left or a right depending on how my album is going).  The number of photos I want to scrap will determine the number of pages I scrap for that month.  So I’ll start with my monthly page.  I’ll probably keep the title as shown below or who knows, maybe I’ll find some handwritten month words to use instead.  Regardless there will be a title and it will be the Month + Year for this chapter.  I’ll fill in the spots on the monthly page with my photos and add a little journaling.  More than likely I will have enough photos to spread across two pages, in which case I will choose one of the filler pages that works best for the number of photos I have + the journaling I want to include.

You can see examples of this with CT member cherryberry’s June chapter.  She used six pages to complete the month of June.  I think this is simply amazing.  The beautiful photos + storytelling.  And who would have known these were all taken in just one weekend.  JUST KIDDING! LOL but that’s the beauty of this album… even if you only took pictures one weekend out of the whole month you could still easily spread them across one, two or six pages and share the *hightlights* of your month.  (ps- check out the shadowing on the monthly page.  I love how that little bit just makes the “06″ pop).

Wow.  I am soooo inspired by my fabuloust creative team members!  Now I’m ready to stay on top of this month to month through 2011 and to go back through past years and create an album for each year.

Album Printing Ideas

I’m looking at two options for printing My Life & Story albums.

1) Print as a coffee table style photobook through American Color Imaging.  Their prices are a bit higher than somewhere like Shutterfly but their quality is exceptional.  I can justify spending the extra money on this particular album.  If I print as a photobook I can choose the 10×10 size which I loooove.  The downfall is the printed photobook is still not going to be as superb of quality as individual prints from Persnickety Prints.  Which leads me to…..

2) My other printing option is to print as single page layouts from Persnickety Prints.  Their prints are AMAZING.  The quality is excellent, they truly are archival prints, they’re waterproof, I could go on and on.  Bottom line is Persnickety Prints are made to outlast me, which is great.  The only downfall is they don’t make 10×10 page protectors or albums and 12×12 might be too big and over the years the bulky scrapbook albums are going to take up a lot of space whereas a slimmer photobook will not.  Or maybe I’ll try out one of their photobooks… More than likely I will order from Persnickety Prints cause I just Loooove their prints + service.

I’ll let you know what I decide to do at the end of the year ;)

So there you have it… My Life & Story

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