DIY: Disney Autograph Book & Travel Album

We’re heading to Disneyland in a few days and I am getting so excited!  I’ve heard about the autograph books kids bring and wanted to make one for Ashleigh.  I kept coming back to the idea of incorporating a travel type scrapbook in with the autograph book.  All the talk this summer about smash books and the like, I just wanted to create a hodge-podge type little keepsake album.  So the plan for this album is to use the plain white pages as the autograph pages and to stick in photos and “stuff” from our trip.  I’ll also write notes about what we did, maybe jot down some exact times + locations while we’re there and of course some of the fun things Ashleigh says and does.  I’m really wanting to pick up a Fuji Instax Mini 7 camera before we go but not so sure I can splurge on it.  Although those little polaroids would be so perfect in this album!  We’ll see what happens between now and then.

Here’s how I created the album.  (PS- you can see the completed album here.)

1.  I grabbed a bunch of paper supplies from my stash.  I picked up the tinkerbell sticker and several princess stickers at 50% off awhile back.  I’d been saving them for something special.  I decided on a 6″ x 6″ sized album and cut some plain white cardstock and a handful of colored cardstock to 6×6.  I grabbed some stick-on gems, some envelopes and a few other things.  I didn’t end up using everything.

2. I used a couple of 12×12 double sided cardstock (pattern on both sides) to create some pocket pages.  I first trimmed 3″ off one end of the cardstock so it was 9×12.  Then I used a scoring blade and lightly scored at 3″.

3. I folded that 3″ up to create the pocket.  Then used the scoring blade again to lightly score at 6″ before folding in half to create the pocket pages.

4. I created the album cover digital style.  I used some patterned paper from Cinzia Loosemore’s (Life is Beautiful) as the background.  I added the Disneyland text using a font called “started by a mouse“.  Then included the month + year (since I like to document with dates).  The back cover is just the background paper.  I printed the covers on 8.5×11 then trimmed to 6×6.

5.  To assemble the album I used my Levinger Circa punch and Circa discs.  I’ve had this punch for awhile thinking it would be perfect for these travel style albums.  You could also use a three ring system, spiral or cinch style binding.  The thing I love about the Levinger punch is how easy it is to swap around pages.  I punched the white autograph pages, the colored cardstock, the pocket pages I just made, some scrap paper, a few envelopes, and some little tabbed notecards I picked up.

6.  I mismatched pages and sizes to give it that hodge-podge feel.  I even threw in some lined yellow notebook paper.  I bought some mixed tape by American Crafts and I’m going to use that to smash my photos and stuff into the book.  I think the colors coordinate just perfectly.  When we get home from our trip I’ll accent more with the princess and other disney stickers I have.

PS- you can see the completed album here.

New Today: Little Details + Mini Album

I’ve got a new product in my oscraps shop today.  Little Details includes 7 journaling stamps/overlays for sharing the little details of your story including who, what, when and where.  These are black .png files which are very easy to recolor.



I made a little mini album over the weekend using the 4×6 overlay from Little Details.  I decided to put the album together with the story on one side and a 4×6 photo on the other.

I made a simple title page (and matching insert for the kolo album window).  I made a coordinating end page that included the little details about who made the book and when.

here’s a look at the title page

and the end page

For the inner pages, I started by browsing through my lightroom photo library and picking out some random photos whose stories had not been told yet.  Then I jotted down some other stories that I knew I wanted to include in the album, and that fit the little details theme.  For some events I had the perfect photo and for others I didn’t have a photo from the actual event but found another one that worked.

I included a story about my first truck and how I couldn’t believe I was never pulled over on reasonable suspicion because of all the stickers.

I included the story about bringing my daughter to work with me for the first five months of her life.  I wrote about all the little details of when she would sleep, where she would sleep, how she’d sit on my desk in her bouncy seat and swing next to me in her portable swing.

I wrote about the time my husband killed a 6 foot rattlesnake with 13 rattles using only a shovel.  I didn’t have a photo of the rattlesnake or one from that event but I found another photo of him at the cabin holding a small garden snake (which is the same place we found the rattlesnake).

I wrote about my relationship with my mom and about how becoming a mom myself really changed my whole perspective.

It only took me a couple hours to put the album together.  I’m really loving having this little collection of stories and details.

DIY Project: Instagram Notes

I’ve been hanging onto this little old business card holder for over a year now.  I had plans to turn it into a mini album of sorts for Jay one day and just never found the right project.  My friend Danielle Donaldson of Wish Bliss Studio told me about how awesome the instagram app for the iphone is, and ever since, I’ve been taking more and more of these little square pictures.  It dawned on me that these would be the perfect kind of pictures for Jay’s album.  Everyday ordinary shots of us taken with my iphone at random times throughout the year.  I’m just starting the album now but I’m thinking by Christmas I’ll have it all filled up and it will make the perfect little stocking stuffer.  Or maybe I’ll end up just using shots of Ashleigh and let her give it to him for Christmas.  Not sure yet… (by the way he doesn’t read this blog, he rarely even turns on a computer, so no worries about spoiling the surprise).

Here’s a look at how this little album is coming along

1) I created a template (2″ x 3.5″ – the same size as a standard business card)

2. Next I found an Instagram Photo of Ashleigh and clipped it to my template.  Note: the original size of an instagram photo is slightly larger than 2″.  I clipped my image to the template then used the arrow keys to nudge the photo around until it was centered.

3. I added some words, just some of the little phrases and things she says at this age (the card reads: “higher! push me higher! daddy, I want to go way, way, up there!”)

4. Then I printed it out at home using my Epson Artisan 835 printer on 4×6 Kirkland (costco) brand photo paper.

5. I cut the note card to size using my Fiskars rotary trimmer.  I lined the edge of the instagram photo then trimmed vertically first.  Then I used the guides on my rotary trimmer to cut the card right at 2″ x 3.5″

6. I grabbed that old business card holder I bought at Target forever ago (PS I was there last week and they still sell these, in different colors.  They’re over by the office supplies).

7. I slid the note card into the little sleeve and it was a touch too long.  I trimmed it just below the dots.  (I will probably go back and adjust the dots on my template and reprint so they aren’t all the way on the edge like you see in the photo below).

I’m pretty sure Jay is going to love this.  And it’s manly enough to keep out with “his” stuff – well except maybe the teal blue elastic but oh well, it’ll work.  I’ll have to post an update later this year when the album is finished.

These little cards would make great lunchbox notes, gift tags, briefcase notes – Oh! you could even take a semi risque photo of yourself (if you’re using your own phone) and add some juicy words and tuck it into your husband’s pants pocket or tape it to his bathroom mirror.  That would be kinda fun!

If you’re interested in creating your own little album or instagram note cards, you can download the template here.


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