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Retirement Sale!

I know, I still can’t believe it myself, but I know in my heart it’s the right thing to do.  Being a part of the Oscraps team was a dream come true and I won’t be popping up in another store.  I’m retiring and my products will no longer be available after November 16th. Thanks so much for being a part of this journey!

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Oh Wow! A Bear at the Cabin!

We went up to Jay’s family cabin this weekend.  It’s hidden high in the Utah mountains, there’s no electricity and the drinking water comes from a natural spring.  It’s amazing.  I love it there.  It definitely seems like it would be bear country but over the years I’ve only heard a handful of stories about actual sightings.  I think the last time I heard about a bear sighting was Jay’s grandpa telling us about how he was horse riding with his brother back in the late seventies and they came across one.  So, we’ve never been too concerned.  When Al (Jay’s dad) called to reserve the cabin for the weekend his cousin told him about the bear that left paw prints all over the wooden bench in the front of the cabin.  Sure enough, the muddy paw print and a big slobbery print were still right there on the window.  Crazy!

With all the bear talk Ashleigh was growling around all weekend pretending to be a bear.  I came around the corner and found her and Grandpa Al doing this:

And then there was lots of this:
“Mom, we’re being bears.”
“Look Mom, we’re turning into bears.  grrrr”

I’m honestly not sure who was having more fun haha.  I’m kinda glad this was the only bear sighting this weekend.

One Hundred Hours Later

(flashback – originally posted on my old blog in September 2010)

So my husband can do anything.  Our daughter was turning 3 and we knew it was time to move her out of the toddler bed and into a big girl twin size bed.  We live in a small (I mean really small) house.  We knew once we put a twin size bed in her room we would have absolutely no play space.  So we started looking at loft beds and they’re not cheap LOL.

We found ones like this from posh tots with price tag of $14,450! (I’m not kidding!!)

And ones like this with cloth sides that were around $700

Obviously the first one was out of the question and the second one just seemed like too much money for what you got.  Here’s a look at a no-longer available Pottery Barn loft bed which was going for a little over $1000.  This was more the style we were looking for but again…. out of our price range.

Then I remembered “knock off wood”.  Ana White is amazingly skilled and I thought maybe just maybe she’d have plans for something like this…. and she DID!  So we go to her site & wouldn’t you know the most recent post was showing the plans to make this loft bed!  And she had an altered plan set that included a staircase rather than the ladder.  It was like it was just meant to be LOL.

So hubby reviewed the plans said he could do it and away we went.  We purchased the lumber and Jay spent hours (and weekends) getting the bed all made.  He filled every hole and sanded every inch.  Then moved it into Ashleigh’s room for finishing.

After the caulking we bought bright white paint for the trim and “foxy pink” for the house.

Jay altered the plans a bit and added a “secret” clost under the tallest stair and made an adorable dutch door for the front with a little shelf.  I added some cutesy decals from Target to the back wall.  To finish it off I’m going to sew some very short valence style window curtains using the skirting from her crib.

I’m pretty sure Ashleigh loves her big girl bed too.
(check it out – the stairs double as toy boxes.  the tops of the stairs are hinged lids.)

I can’t believe how awesome this bed turned out.  I have one seriously talented husband!  And she has one seriously awesome daddy!

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